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Japan Interprofessional Working and Education Network (hereinafter, "JIPWEN") is to protect your personal information to comply with the laws regarding personal information, personal information gathering appropriate information and try to be thorough use and management.

1.For the acquisition of personal information
JIPWEN is properly will obtain personal information regardless of the false or fraudulent means.
2.Use of Personal Information
JIPWEN will be available to the extent necessary to provide services for personal information such as education and research activities. If you use personal information for any other purpose, performs upon obtaining the prior consent of the advance.
3.Security of personal information management
JIPWEN the disclosure of personal information handled, and shall take all necessary and appropriate measures for the safe management of personal information lost or damaged in the prevention of.
4.Personal information about the consignment
JIPWEN is entrusted to a third party if all or part of the handling of personal information, conduct an impartial investigation about the third party, such third to promote the safe management of personal information that is entrusted with make necessary and appropriate supervision for the person.
5.Provide personal information about third parties
JIPWEN, except in the case where the provision of such Personal Information Protection Act, without obtaining the prior consent of the pre-personal information provided to third parties not match.
6.Correction regarding disclosure of personal information
JIPWEN, if there is a request for disclosure of personal information about our self-identity, we promptly disclose.
In doing so, not sure if that is the person in question is not accept the disclosure.
There are errors in the content of personal information deleted if the request for additional corrections from the person in question on the survey, we will respond to these requests promptly. In doing so, not sure if that is the person in question is not accept these requests.
JIPWEN is, we continuously improve and implement the appropriate management of personal information.
8.This policy change
Contents of this policy may be changed. For this policy is revised, JIPWEN separately except in cases provided, it shall become effective from the time posted on the site.